The Photographs 2: A full fledged war, Macedonia-Albania-Kosovo 1998-1999

RAMNO, Macedonia, March 21, 1999 -- Kosovar refugee families crossing the border into Macedonia are taken down to Skopje on tractors and Red Cross vehicles from the mountains bordering Kosovo. The group of families crossed the mountains in four days despite the snow:

BLACE, Macedonia April 5, '99 -- Blace border camp the day before it was emptied by the government:

BLACE, Macedonia April 6, '99 -- Relatives of a Kosovar refugee woman help get her out of the Macedonian police block surrounding camp Blace:

STANKOVITZ, Macedonia, Italian Field Hospital April 7, '99 -- Kosovar children receive tratment for cholera at a field hospital set up by the Italian Army at Stankovitz. Children were the most vulnerable to the unhygenic conditions at the Blace border camp:

KUKES, Albania -- Nylon sheeting provides temporary shelter for refugees in camps in Kukes:

KUKES, Albania -- Recent arrivees are still in shock from their experiences in Kosovo as they have been placed at the "Potato Warehouse", a refugee shelter.

KUKES, Albania -- Moving down South. As fighting escalates in Kosovo, refugee families are transferred to camps around Durres:

MORINA, Albania -- A refugee convoy crosses into Albania at Morina border crossing with news that their convoy has been bombed on the way. Mira's newborn baby sister was killed in the bombing, and moving under fire they had to leave the body in a shallow grave, hastily dug by the side of the road:

MORINA, Albania May 31, 1999 -- Kosovar men released from a prison in Peja are forced to march into Albanian territory by the Yugoslav army:

SKOPJE, Macedonia, March 23, '99 -- Kosovar refugee families wait to be registered at the main police station in Skopje, Macedonia:

KONDOVO, Macedonia, March 20, '99 -- An old Kosovar man waits to have his picture taken as is a Kosovar woman for refugee registration in Kondovo, a village outside of Skopje mostly populated by Albanians:

SKOPJE, Macedonia, March, '99 -- Aid distribution:

BLACE, Macedonia -- OSCE withdrawal from Kosovo: